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Upholstery Pro

  • 114810 (67-019-C) - Fitted with solution control valve for use with truckmount
  • 120053 (67-019-P) - Fitted with pressure-reducing orifice for use with portable
  • Product Details

    Enjoy fast, fatigue-free, safe and effective cleaning of furniture or automotive interiors with the Upholstery Pro. The unique extraction head design extracts in both directions. Using our industry-exclusive fully adjustable solution flow trigger and trigger lock, you can adjust the solution to remove the heaviest of soils while limiting the solution for the most delicate fabrics. To ensure long life, the head is constructed with extremely durable engineered plastics.

  • Specifications
    • Dimensions:
      • Head 4 in. (10.6 cm) extraction width
      • Hose assembly 10 ft. (3 m)
    • Construction:
      • Head: High performance nylon resin
      • Glide: Engineering thermoplastic
      • Fittings: Brass with high-temp seals
    • Legend Rewards: 500 points
  • Features
    • Unique dual extraction slots permit full extraction in both directions across fabric surfaces
    • In-line solution strainer helps prevent clogging
    • Solution control valve (on truckmount model) provides precise control for widest range of fabric types and soiling conditions
    • Portables model features a orifice reducer to maximize portable performance
    • Sliding vacuum release allows for easy vacuum adjustments on the fly

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