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Summit PTS Direct Drive

  • Product Details

    A complete redesign from the ground up, the Summit PTS Direct Drive delivers the superior performance, reliability and durability that have made Legend Brands the #1 selling manufacturer of truckmounts. Featuring proven components including stainless steel finned-tube coil heat exchangers to pull heat from the blower, a flat plate engine coolant heat exchanger, Gardner Denver blower and General pump, the Summit is easy to operate and delivers reliable heat and exceptional durability.

  • Specifications
    • Compatible van models: Chevy/GM 6.0 liter vans
    • Vacuum pump: Gardner Denver 408TL
    • Solution pump: General pump—fully adjustable up to 1200 PSI and 5 GPM
    • Chemical injection system: Last step injection
    • Heating system: Finned stainless steel tube coil with automatic diverter Engine coolant plate for rapid cleaning solution preheating and reduced engine coolant temperatures
    • Prefilter: Built-in with stainless steel debris basket
    • Dimensions:
      • Console (W × H × D): 34.8 × 43.5 × 68.9 in
      • 88.4 × 110.5 × 175.0 cm
    • Weight:
      • Package (empty): 700 lbs / 318 kg
      • Package (full): 1401 lbs / 635 kg
    • Legend Rewards: 12,000 points
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  • Features
    • 10-year NATIONWIDE limited warranty—a first for van-powered truckmounts and your assurance of quality
    • Superior heat and control for carpets, upholstery and tile cleaning
    • Legend Brands reliability coupled with direct-drive simplicity
    • Exhaust components treated with Cerakote® coating to reduce internal van temperatures
    • Constant-velocity cooling fan helps keep van components cooler
    • General pump with high temp seals, electric clutch and fully adjustable pressure settings
    • Built-in prefilter box and easily accessible vacuum hose connections
    • Service readily available by the industry’s largest national network of trained and authorized service centers

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