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Protimeter MMS2 Restoration Kit

  • 108541 (F489) - One kit w/case
  • Product Details

    Everything you need to detect, measure and monitor moisture. With the MMS2 moisture meter, the Kit provides complete moisture detection and measurement capabilities, sub-surface moisture migration detections, full hygrometer features and data logging capabilities. Quickly and accurately evaluate wood, wood floors, gypsum, concrete, plaster, cinder block, and much more. A sturdy snap-lock case keeps your equipment secure and organized.

  • Features
    • Intuitive user interface with color screen
    • Rugged, lightweight and ergonomic meter case
    • Log up to 1000 results, each with date and time stamp from all instrument functions
    • Non-contact surface temperature measurement with laser pointer
    • Includes these valuable accessories:

      • Hammer Probe: Allows user to penetrate into structural materials like sub floors and framing to a depth of 1.38 in. (35 mm). The insulated pins determine the exact moisture content at depth. Includes four replacement pins

      • Quickstick sensor measures ambient temperature and humidity with industry-leading speed and accuracy

      • HD MC Probe attachment with cable for testing difficult-to-reach areas

      • Deep Wall Probes. 5 in (127 mm) probes allow you to measure moisture in drywall, wall cavity insulation, concrete, stucco, plaster, masonry, and other building materials

      • Data logging software. Install on your PC to manage date, create reports, safely backup project records. PC only. Includes USB cable

      • Sturdy carry case. Hard plastic case organizes and protects your sensitive moisture detection tools. Snap-lock fittings secure the contents during transport and storage. Sturdy pre-cut foam inserts hold instruments and accessories firmly in place

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