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Paint, Oil and Grease Remover

  • 101270 (8.695-058.0) - Twelve 1 qt. / 0.9 L bottles
  • Product Details
    Our Paint, Oil and Greaser Remover works superior at getting rid of tough oil-based spots like tree sap, tar, blacktop track-off, dried oil-based paint, lipstick, nail polish, rubber and plastic wheel marks, plus many inks. The non-volatile dry solvent formulation means the product spotter is less hazardous than many other paint, oil and grease removers. Use on any solvent-safe surface including most synthetic and natural fibers and hard surfaces such as glass and tile. Rinses clean with a water-based detergent. Approved for sale in California.
    Review these Tech Tips for expert guidance on spots and stains removal.
  • Specifications
    • RTU pH: N/A
    • Dilution: Ready to use—no dilution necessary
    • Legend Rewards: 400 points (case)

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