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Last Resort Plus

  • 109462 - Twelve 1 qt. (0.9L) bottles
  • Product Details

    Last Resort Plus is our strongest, most effective odor control additive, its highly concentrated formulation has low VOCs yet can overcome the most obnoxious odors. Recommended for use in odor control presealer solutions, in smoke odor suppressant applications, and as an odor control booster for heavy or severe odor situations such as strong pet odors, skunk odors, and death scenes. Last Resort Plus is emulsion-based, ensuring easy mixing and a low flash point that simplifies storage. For use only as an additive as directed by the label.

  • Features
    • Used as an additive in cleaning and odor control solutions where other attempts have failed
    • What's the PLUS? Emulsion-based formulation goes into solution very easily—saves time and ensures thorough mixing
    • What's the PLUS? Very low VOC content—only 6%
    • What's the PLUS? No flash point for improved storage and transport characteristics
    • Add odor counteractant capability to Unsoot #1 Sealer to contain strong odors on fire- or smoke-damaged building materials
    • For severe odor control, such as death scenes, skunk odors, and unusually strong pet or smoke
    • Initial odor suppression for heavy or severe smoke odor. Especially effective on burnt plastics or rubber and where smoke odors are unusually strong and have not responded to milder treatments
    • IMPORTANT: Not for use in fogging units. Apply solution with hand sprayer, pump-up sprayer, or airless paint sprayer

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