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Diesel Guard

  • F537 - Case of twelve 1 qt. | 0.9 L bottles
  • Product Details

    Stabilize and protect diesel fuel in the Dragon. Anti-corrosion properties and extra lubricity protect fuel lines, detergents help to keep nozzles and injectors clean, and anti-gel properties keep fuel flowing even in the coldest temperatures. Use every time you fill the tank to keep your Dragon running at maximum efficiency all year round.

  • Features
    • Keeps diesel pourable down to 50°F / 46°C
    • Lowers freezing point of water to 50°F / 46°C
    • Anti-corrosion properties protect fuel lines, tanks, pumps, and burner components
    • Boosts lubricity to improve fuel flow
    • Detergent additives help to keep nozzles and injectors clean


SDS / Ingredients

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