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Why Using Quieter Equipment Matters

What most often interferes with drying out or filtering air effectively in a space? People!

Dehumidifiers, airmovers and air scrubbers are most often operated in spaces that are occupied – and that’s a problem, because the noise can easily prompt people to turn off the equipment. That causes delays in drying and potentially adds risks for the structure and its occupants.

What Makes Equipment “Loud”?

Equipment operating noise is usually measured by decibels (dB), and each increase of 10 dB amounts to a doubling of the perceived loudness.

But there’s more to our perception of sound than just decibels – sound intensity (acoustic energy) affects how we experience sounds, more than pure decibels. In fact, just a 3 dB increase in acoustic energy sounds like twice the noise!

Even more critical is sound frequency, and the most annoying frequencies to the human ear range from 2000-4000 hertz (Hz). Our product engineers know that – and know what an issue loud equipment can be – so they designed the latest Dri-Eaz® equipment with that in mind.

Designing Quieter New Equipment

Independent sound frequency tests of the LGR 6000 dehumidifier show that it’s significantly quieter than competitive units overall AND its decibel output or loudness is minimal above 1000 Hz – that means it won’t cause occupants to turn it off. In fact, users report that it’s hard to hear that the LGR 6000 is running, even when standing next to it!

Designing equipment for maximum performance with minimum noise is the greatest challenge – and that’s what Legend Brands engineers did with the new HEPA 700 air scrubber and Velo Pro® and Stealth airmovers. Producing powerful equipment that keeps the noise down to make your projects easier – that’s our goal!

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