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Why a Breathable Barrier Is Better

Antimicrobial paints seem like a quick and easy answer when trying to block future mold and mildew growth – unless materials are damp or become saturated later in a water damage situation - then look out!

Unlike antimicrobial paints, SurfaceShield® Protectant penetrates rather than coats materials and remains fully breathable, allowing excess moisture in the material to freely evaporate. It can even be applied to damp materials with 11%–30% moisture content.

Once dry, the SurfaceShield treatment is sandable and paintable, and will not interfere with finishes. This makes it a valuable tool for almost any project needing added protection from mold growth and future water damage. 

Patented Technology

SurfaceShield (clear) and SurfaceShield Plus (white-tinted) Protectants work in unique ways to protect porous surfaces against damage and staining from mold and mildew. Used as the final step, they help protect wood, concrete, paper, drywall and other materials after water damage remediation and during new construction and remodeling.

Both products create a penetrating, breathable barrier with a permeability rating of 11–14. This allows water vapor to leave the materials but prevents mold-supporting nutrients from migrating to the surface, which helps inhibit mold growth and staining on the dry surface coating. The treatment also makes treated materials resistant to future water damage. 

Versatile uses 

Surface Shield is ideal for use on interior framing, subflooring, wallboard and other construction materials that may be exposed to moisture, providing extra assurance for builders and homeowners. Standard SurfaceShield is colorless and will not change the appearance of treated surfaces, while SurfaceShield Plus contains a faint white tint to track coverage. Both versions include a fluorescent tracer, allowing the use of a black light to confirm coverage. 

Economical SurfaceShield is a ready-to-use water-based product and is available in economical 5 gallon pails. Applied with an airless sprayer, one gallon can protect up to 1,000 square feet (93 square meters). Use of SurfaceShield the product adds significant value to any construction or water damage remediation project. 

Market-leading 10-year limited warranty

Both products contain an EPA-registered preservative and are covered by a 10-year limited warranty. No other manufacturer offers this level of produce assurance. For important recommendations, procedures, and safety information, please refer to the product label, User Guide and SDS sheets. Note that according to industry standards, materials with visible fungal contamination or water staining should be HEPA vacuumed and cleaned or removed first before applying SurfaceShield.

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