Tips & Tricks/08.24.22

What's Your Company's Image?

Why does pricing for carpet, upholstery and hard surface cleaning services vary so dramatically? It seems there’s always at least one or even a few companies in each market that charge much more than average.

You may have wondered:  Why are so many customers willing to pay a higher price for their services without question? Are they better at cleaning than you are?  Do they have better or newer equipment than you do? Do they do anything that is that different from what you do?

If “no” is the answer to the first two questions, and you still don’t charge as much as they do, what’s the difference? Image!

They believe in themselves and their capabilities and they project a very sharp and professional image in almost every aspect of their business. Everything about the company – from uniforms for all employees to clean and well-maintained vehicles and equipment and down to the smallest of details – everything about their company loudly says, “The Best in Town and Proud of It!”

Understand that this “branding” as the best can’t happen overnight – it requires many, many hours of training, hard work and cleaning experience to achieve premier status among cleaners. it also requires marketing efforts and the costs associated with marketing.

Bottom line: They probably started out just like you and experienced all that you are going through now, and eventually they decided to be more selective about their customers. They made changes to everything about the company, from their customer arena  to creating a professional image for the company. Just as you don’t see prices in commercials about expensive cars, they don’t sell their services on price but rather on the superior results their customers will experience.

What image do you project to potential customers? What’s your customer experience like? What do your customers say about you after you’ve completed a job?

When you transform your thinking about your company, your company’s image and the way you price your services, amazing things will happen. Why not start today?

Watch for more business building articles in upcoming Legend Brands Tips & Tricks.

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