Tips & Tricks/03.08.22

The Best Scents to Counteract Fire Odors

There are three different types of fires, based on the main fuel consumed by the fire: protein, natural and synthetic.

Protein fires typically originate in a kitchen and normally begin with an overcooked meat or bean dish. This produces a very pungent odor. Citrus-based scents seem to neutralize or pair with this odor most effectively. Products such as ODORx™ Double-O has proven effective in literally millions of real-world applications. 

Natural fire odors, such as those from forest fires or a malfunction of a wood-burning fireplace, are best combated with a cherry-scented product. If you are thermal fogging, Thermo-55 Cherry can be utilized to begin the odor removal process. 

Synthetic fires are now the most common structural fire, due to the large amount of petroleum-based materials used in homes. Synthetic fires tend to burn at higher temperatures and produce an acrid odor. These odors can be treated with either a cherry or Kentucky Bluegrass odor product. 

9-D-9 is an odor counteractant that can be added to cleaning solutions for both synthetic and naturally fueled fires. The odor of 9-D-9 has been described as a wintergreen oil scent.



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