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Remind Your Customers to Call

It’s easy to get so busy trying to find new customers that we lose touch with existing customers.

But remember that old business rule: “It cost 5 times as much to get a new customer as it does to keep an old one happy.”

Some companies send a monthly newsletter via email or even in print to keep the customers connected with their companies. The newsletter content can be as simple as proper vacuuming techniques or how to manage a spot until their next cleaning appointment. This can be an expensive marketing tool (more on this in an upcoming Legend Brands “Tips and Tricks”).

Here’s a much less expensive way to keep in touch with existing customers: a Reminder Card.

You can schedule cards to be sent 6-8 months after a cleaning was completed. Here’s a simple traditional, non-computerized system:

1. After a job, add the customer’s name and address to a card.
2. Add the card to the group of cards to go out 8 months later.
3. At the beginning of each month, mail the pre-addressed reminder cards.

With today’s scheduling apps, you can develop your own system that works with business software your company uses. If you have customers' cellphone numbers and permission to text, you can send friendly reminder text messages.

The key is to nudge the customer into looking at their carpets or upholstery more critically, because most customers don’t think about getting their carpets cleaned until there are spots that won’t go away.

The reminder message can be as simple as:

“It’s been 8 months since we cleaned your carpets, so here’s a friendly reminder: To maintain your carpet’s appearance at the highest level and remove abrasive soil and everyday pollutants trapped in its fibers, we recommend you have your carpets professionally cleaned every 8-12 months. Give us a call and mark your calendar for your next professional cleaning!"

You can get more creative with photos, taglines or personal messages.

If you choose the low-tech mailed postcard route, all it takes is the cost of the postcard stock, printer ink and the stamp, and of course, having a system that makes it easy. (Don't dismiss mailed postcards - customers now receive far less mail and you can make your postcard stand out among any mailed bills they receive.)

This inexpensive nudge generates a ton of easy repeat business, and don’t forget to ask for a referral to their friends!

Watch for more business building articles in upcoming Legend Brands Tips & Tricks.

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