Tips & Tricks/02.23.23

Questions Chemists Must Ask

What questions keep chemists awake at night? Formulating a new cleaning solution isn't simple. Chemists have to consider not only individual molecular components and their interactivity – they also have to keep all these factors in mind:

  • Will it be stable?
  • Will it resist storage, transportation and weather conditions?
  • How long will the shelf life be?
  • How well does it comply with federal and state regulations, especially new ones that selected states are implementing?
  • Does it look and smell good?
  • Is it cost competitive?
  • Are ingredients easily available, even when supply chains are disrupted?
  • Is it safe for the consumer and the environment?
  • And most important, will it do what it is intended to do well?

Buying the best cleaning solutions available pays dividends in your cleaning results – as customers’ positive referrals exponentially expand your profits!

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