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Proven Process to Remove Pet Urine from Carpets (Part 1)

As much as we love our four-legged family members, they will inevitably have an accident.

The best process to remove the odor and the stain will depend on the depth of penetration into the carpet, pad and sometimes even the subfloor.

Smaller animals deposit less urine so the urine often does not soak through to the padding, so a topical application method works well.

Larger animals require some specialized tools to complete the urine removal process because the urine contamination is up to 3 layers deep. The carpet has been affected as well as the padding and possibly the subfloors.

There are 4 rules for complete odor removal. (Not just urine odors)

  1. Locate and eliminate the source
  2. Clean the source area
  3. Recreate degree of penetration
  4. Seal if necessary (not used with urine decontamination)

Urine Removal from Carpets

  1. Yellow stains often indicate urine deposits. However, more recent urine stains may not have “aged” long enough for the urochrome pigment to become visual and thus require use of a UV (ultraviolet) light to be seen. Under UV light, phosphocreatine carried in the urine will glow yellow green. (See previous “UV Light and Urine” post.)
  2. After identifying ALL the urine deposits, clean thoroughly using a hot water extraction process, sometimes called steam cleaning. This process removes much of the surface contamination prior to the decontamination treatment.
  3. “Recreating the degree of penetration” means that if the urine deposit goes all the way down to the subfloor, then the decontamination treatment must replicate that degree of penetration.
  4. Sealing is not a process used in urine decontamination.

Un-Duz-It Unleashed is the best all-in-one product on the market, because it eliminates all the urine odors (ammonia smell) and also removes the yellow pigment stains that appear in carpet fibers. (Watch this video to learn more about why Unleashed works better than competitive products.) The key is to follow the process completely – failure to complete the process will result in incomplete removal of both the odor and the stains.

Important Note

Some older urine deposits that have not been treated will appear yellow. While that might seem to be the urochrome pigment, it actually indicates loss of fiber color due to ammonia gasses attacking the carpet dye. Unfortunately, this situation is not correctable and all the more reason for prompt treatment of pet accidents!

Removing Urine Odors from Upholstery

In this video (Episode 5 in our Upholstery Cleaning video series), industry veteran Tim Baker demonstrates an easy process for using Un-Duz-It Unleashed to remove pet urine odors from cushions. Amazing!

While we can eliminate the urine odor enough for our human olfactory systems (our sense of smell), our pets can still smell it. Animals’ olfactory systems are much more acute that humans. Also, the yellow green glow that we see only under UV light conditions, our pets can see without the aid of a UV light. These two factors explain why our beloved pets seem to reoffend the same areas time after time.

Fast and thorough action is critical, so having Un-Duz-It Unleashed on hand is key!

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