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Not All Airmovers Are Equal

While all airmovers move air, the way they direct the air determines their best application. This is especially true on cleaning and restoration projects, where efficient drying is critical.

To determine which kind of airmover works best for a specific drying application, Legend Brands Education technical experts tested air velocity, volume and pressure with infrared cameras, drying chambers, load floors and other test equipment to determine what air movement factors are most important to fast drying.

Airmover Application Test Results

Velocity. Rated in feet per minute or MPH, velocity is critical to supporting quick evaporation from materials that are wet on the surface and/or highly saturated with water. The higher the velocity, the faster the drying. Velo and Velo Pro airmovers provide high-velocity airflow with very low amp draw and five versatile positions.

Volume. Listed as cubic feet per minute, CFM is a measurement of the volume of air moving across a surface or through a drying environment. Applications for drying large surface areas like carpets or walls or for ventilation call for airmovers with higher CFM.  Many high CFM airmovers are noisy - the Stealth AV300 airmover is whisper quiet while producing 2600 tested CFM. (Make sure you check whether a manufacturer's published CFM is tested or rated - only TESTED matters!)

Pressure. Rated in inches of lift, usually stated in inches of water, or you might see inches of mercury. Higher pressures are needed to "push" dry air under carpets and into tightly built spaces like walls, cabinet bases and stairway assemblies. Airmovers that are ideal for hardwood floor drying, cavity drying or ducted ventilation like that Vortex will have high static pressure but lower CFM. 

Airmover Quality and Safety

It's tempting when weather events strike and demand is high to “purchase anything that moves air,” but it isn't worth the serious risk to your business.

Many overseas factories - especially those in China - take drastic shortcuts to produce products quickly and reduce costs. For example, they often substitute lower quality plastic, assuming that most customers won't notice. This can be dangerous for homeowners and contractors, especially when airmovers are left running unattended on restoration jobs.

Your best choice - so you can rest-assured that you have the highest quality product made - is buying trusted Dri-Eaz airmovers, molded and assembled in Legend Brands' Burlington, WA plant. Also make sure that all airmovers you purchase are safety certified to ETL, UL and/or CSA standards!

You've worked too hard building your business to risk any liability issues with cheap airmovers.

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