Tips & Tricks/06.13.22

Interview Your Customer for the Job

Before cleaning, most professional cleaners ask questions to understand the carpet’s history, but the most important reason to “interview” the customer is to better understand their expectations for the cleaning job.

Don’t skip this step – taking the time to manage your customer’s expectations will save you many headaches, such as:

  • Customer service callbacks because the customer wasn’t satisfied
  • Negative social media posts
  • Profit loss

Here’s a good starter list of pre-cleaning inspection questions:

  1. How old is the carpet?
    This information alone can and will help you identify the fibers used to create the carpet, for example, if the carpet was installed 3 years ago and the main traffic lanes are already showing abrasion damage or the traffic lane looks gray. Note also if the fibers are already laying down – today’s new fibers lack resilience or the ability to spring back to their original state (vs. more resilient nylon fibers).
  2. Has it ever been professionally cleaned?
    if so by whom? This will tell you a lot about the customer’s past choice of cleaners. Did they hire the cheapest guy in town so thus are price sensitive?
  3. Have you ever cleaned it yourself?
    If yes, be prepared for a tough time trying to remove all of the cleaning agents that the customer left in the fibers.
  4. What do you use to spot clean?
    This will help you understand what will happen when you try to clean spots, for example, spots that turn pink or purple or the dreaded recurring spot or stain.
  5. How did you hear about our company?
    Tracking your marketing is paramount!

Remember: Don’t get in a hurry and forget to manage your customers’ expectations. Of all the tasks on your daily job list,  forgetting this could hurt you the most!

A thorough pre-inspection and clear communication with the customer will save you many negative experiences and reviews.

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