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Fast Track to Becoming a Carpet Cleaning Expert

What’s the fastest, easiest way to become a carpet cleaning expert? Take a Live Stream Carpet Cleaning Technician (CCT) class through Restoration Sciences Academy (RSA) and become an IICRC-certified carpet cleaner. These RSA classes not only teach you the basics carpet cleaning, they also help you set yourself apart from your competition.

The principles you’ll learn in an RSA CCT (Carpet Cleaning Technician) class are similar to those used for cleaning every day. For example, why wet hair before applying shampoo? Water helps cleaning agents be distributed evenly to reach and remove soils that are connected to the hair, then it helps the the soils rinse away easily. This is why you should always prespray carpets and agitate the solution into the fibers prior to rinsing and extracting with a wand.

Why do some people use a conditioner as a final step in the hair cleaning process? Conditioners help soften the hair as well as brighten the colors, because most hair conditioning products have an acid-side pH of 3.5-5.5.

Conditioners do not clean like shampoos do, but they are very good at removing the last bit of soils that the shampoo did not remove. They also remove the shampoo more thoroughly than just rinsing with water, plus brighten colors and soften hair. Conditioner also helps to bring the pH of the hair back to as close to neutral as possible. That’s why you should use an extraction rinse that’s on the acid side of the pH scale for final rinsing and extraction of carpet fibers.

Granted, most carpet fibers are normally synthetic and hair is a natural fiber, but the science and principles of cleaning are no different from what’s done every day when cleaning hair, body, laundry or even the dishes – getting dirty stuff clean!

Carpet Cleaning Education Opportunities

As implied, you already know more than you realize about cleaning. Yet with all that’s at stake when cleaning a customer’s carpet – your time, customer satisfaction, your company’s reputation and the cost of any carpet damage – becoming a Certified Carpet Cleaning Technician is well worth the time, especially given RSA’s convenient Live Stream CCT classes that require no travel or time away from family.

Attending an RSA CCT class will help you refine your knowledge and learn how to apply basic principles in the carpet cleaning profession. You’ll also learn how to safely solve some of customers’ most vexing problems, eg, to remove stubborn stains like coffee, red wine and dreaded sports drink and powdered drink stains.

You'll also gain essential knowledge of these critical carpet cleaning topics:

  • How to identify and clean different carpet fibers
  • Avoiding the risks related to safety and regulatory issues
  • The right process for the best results
  • Which solutions and tools make carpet cleaning easier and more successful
  • How to price your services to gain  higher profits and greater business success

Sign up today and learn how to elevate yourself and your business above all the cleaners in your area.

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