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Expert's Guide to Choosing the Right Truckmount

Truckmounts are such a major purchase, how do you decide which one is right for your company? Cost has to be part of the evaluation, but the most important factor should always be:  "Is this the right tool for the jobs we do now - and the ones we intend to do in the future?"

Another key question:  "How easy will it be to obtain parts and service when my truckmount needs it?" All Legend Brands machines are built in Prescott, Arizona, with unrivaled technical and parts support and the largest dealer and service center network, so you can be assured of Legend Brands' commitment to supporting your new truckmount purchase. 

Because your company isn't just like anyone else's, it's good to have options. No matter what your business demands, Legend Brands has a truckmount for you.

Here's an insider's look at the top features of each model  to use in conjunction with our online Truckmount Selector:

2023 Legend GT

  • Economical, dependable and proven performance
  • Perfect choice for residential and property management cleaners
  • Great heat and vacuum
  • Simplified design, easy to use
  • Fin tube heat exchanger with manual solution temperature control
  • Capable of tile and grout cleaning – up to 1200 PSI
  • Suitable for flood extraction
  • Available in all 50 states

370 SS

  • The industry's top-selling truckmount for good reason
  • Excellent heat and vacuum for residential and mid-size commercial cleaning
  • Great choice for carpet, upholstery, hard surface cleaning and flood extraction
  • Patented thermal well fin tube heat exchanger with precise themologic solution heat control
  • High CFM, quiet operation tri-lobe Eurus blower
  • Space Saving compact design

Peak 500

  • Cost effective liquid-cooled performance and longevity
  • Superior heat - hottest solution producing mid- size machine
  • The right choice for value-minded high production commercial cleaners
  • Extended life 31 HP Kawasaki digital fuel injected V- twin
  • Economical operation – uses only 1 gallon of fuel per hour
  • Available in all 50 states

Apex 570

  • Cleaning and restoration industry workhorse
  • High performance single or dual wand cleaning for all types of soft and hard surfaces.
  • Superior flood extraction capabilities
  • Powerful and long lasting 3-cylinder liquid cooled Kubota industrial engine
  • Industry exclusive Helical Tri-Lobe 408 blower provides more airflow and quieter operation
  • Triple-source fin tube heat exchange system with thermologic solution temperature control

Everest 870

  • The "Cleaning Beast"
  • Largest production truckmount cleaning system available
  • Powered by a fuel-injected 4-cylinder liquid cooled Kubota
  • Massive Eurus vacuum blower for maximum multitool extraction
  • Abundant hot water with 4-setting thermologic solution control
  • High pressure, hot water cleaning up to 2500 PSI
  • 5-year warranty

All Legend Brands truckmounts incorporate a rust-free powder coated aluminum frame, and  all critical exhaust components are coated with Nanotech Cerakote to reduce radiant heat by up to 30%.

Besides delivering the highest performance and best long-term value for investment, Legend Brands works hard to make sure your machine will keep running and making money for your business for a very long time. Happy truckmount shopping!


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