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Encapsulation: The Right Solution for Interim Cleaning

Low moisture cleaning (LMC) or encapsulation cleaning has a long history – in the commercial arena we called it bonnet cleaning.

The basics of carpet cleaning:  Suspend soils, then rinse them away.

Encapsulation or “encap” cleaning suspends soils using surfactants and polymers (embrittling agents). The polymers suspend the soils and surround them in a soap bubble which quickly dries to a brittle crystal. When the dried carpets are vacuumed, the crystals shatter and the soil and crystal are removed in vacuuming process.

The biggest issue? Some cleaners try to use it on every carpet, regardless of soil levels. Encap cleaning is for interim maintenance cleaning and not adequate for extremely soiled carpets. With light to medium soil loads, encap cleaning is the perfect choice.

Chemspec® EncapBrite II is the best encap product on the market. Its hydrogen peroxide power is perfect for even medium to heavy soil loads without pulling out the portable or truckmount cleaning units, which saves you time and money. And with its superior polymer technologies, EncapBrite II will help breakdown and emulsify the oily soils normally found in heavy soil loads.

One of the biggest benefits of combining hydrogen peroxide with our polymers is the odor destroying capabilities. The EncapBrite II attacks odor-causing molecules EncapBrite II through its oxidation process.

A dilution of 2 ounces per gallon makes 64 gallons of ready-to-use EncapBrite II solution – that’s less than 65 cents per RTU gallon, or just $.0012 per square foot of carpet cleaned - a fast-drying, economical solution for interim maintenance cleaning.

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