Tips & Tricks/05.09.22

Before You Head to a Disaster Area

Thinking of taking a restoration team to assist with remediation efforts after a major hurricane or flood? Special circumstances require special preparations! Here's just a few things to keep in mind:

For your business

  • Do you have the appropriate business, state and contractor licenses, e.g., mold remediation, etc.?
  • Many homes will be uninsured and FEMA reimbursements may be delayed.
  • Understand FEMA guidelines (
  • Accommodations – hotels will be booked for weeks or months and only available rooms may be 1-2 hours away from the affected area.
  • Limited access to ATMs and merchants may not be able to accept credit cards - many sales will be cash only, so have plenty of cash on hand.
  • Fuel supplies limited. Many gas stations under water, no power or out of fuel - have plenty of fuel for vehicles, gensets, etc.

For your team

  • Plan for safety. Beware of unstable structures, blocked or damaged roads and bridges, as well as looting, civil unrest and slow response times from overwhelmed law enforcement and emergency services.
  • Proper PPE. By definition, flood water is contaminated! You are handling many different hazards, including but not limited to microbial, biological, airborne particulates and more. And note that as floodwaters recede, mud turns to airborne dust, diminishing outdoor air quality.
  • Have several days of adequate water and food supplies.
  • Have a family emergency contact plan so that everyone knows how to contact you or your team, who to call and where to meet.
  • Have a disaster supply kit ready, which should include a flashlight, batteries, cash, first aid supplies and copies of your critical information.
  • Have local emergency contact numbers on hand. These should include emergency management offices, county law enforcement, county public safety fire/rescue, state, county and city/town government, local hospitals and local utilities.

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